Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well Cowboy, "Where the Heck Have You Been???"

Well, where in the heck have you been, Cowboy??? Don't you know I just been hanging out waiting for you to show up??? If you like my profile send me an e-mail;

Good morning Mr. Holbrook Well, thank goodness we got that politics thing out of the way! Its like our family get togethers---we are either alcoholics or podium pounding religious fanatics, and all hot headed rednecks, so we avoid talking about anything to do with churches! You don't have to worry about those little ponies coming this far to see me--I take the big grey dog every where! You didn't get the picture because I couldn't figure out how to do it on this confounded machine. I believe you are quite good on the computer, but I have a love/hate relationship going with mine. My son says that the reason I have so much trouble with it is because I call it so many mule skinning names that it thinks its a mule! I do have a couple of other pictures that I think I can send. I used to follow rodeos and flea markets around selling cowboy/Indian fry bread. That was fun.
Hey, pardner, have a good one!

Shirley wrote me on Yahoo Personals and we enjoyed a short correspondence and it faded away when the Rodeo Finals came on TV. Writing, photography and beautiful women do seem to go together. She had talked about packing mules and spending all her life on and around horses. I found Mr. C.M. Russell's “Mules are Diamonds” on the net and placed three of her e-mailed photos in the foreground. The following are excerpts from some of my mail to her:

What a blessing you have given me. You are a truly beautiful lady. You write with style, verve and directness giving me a breath of fresh air, a promise of Spring while heading into the stillness of Winter. I am attaching some photos that date back to 1983. Cussing out a computer is like cussing out that dern mule, you get the same amount of attention back. If you think a mule's stubborn why there I am on "Squeaks" an American standard Jenny that I packed for several thousand miles and have enough donkey tales to fill a book of her own. More I read what you have to say, the pattern of your words and see the strength in your face, the more I want to spill over excited words and photos and carry on like some tenderfoot not even knowing the words to "Home on the Range." I love country music especially the old tunes and most of all Bluegrass. I wrote a music column on country music years ago for a Bakersfield CA newspaper. Norton yelled at me about the on the road photo but it should be fine. I was replacing a shoe on my wheel mare crossing California's coastal range from Tracy to Niles on my way to a draft horse show in Oakland. It gives a good view of my first wagon which had everything Mr. Goodnight said a chuck wagon must have.

I am not sure we can be a match, for traveling between Utah and Western Wa can be a far piece at 4mph and slower yet when your hoss hits an upgrade over the pass. You look and write like quite a package and not only do I like what I see. I love what I read.
I am bypassing the normal Yahoo personals mail system since word verification is more than just a pain in the ol hinney. (I used to have a real hinney but traded that mule hybrid off for a portable generator some years back.) I work ponies during the warm festival season and in off season I am helping disabled senior citizens in their homes as a caregiver for Lutheran Community Services. I am also learning about the new age of journalism and digital photography. I dislike too much me in anything and want to say more and will if you wish. I have lots of photos even of me shoveling the old HS.

I never argue politics. Darn gal, you have this ol teamster athinking that's for sure. When I was bounding along the highway on my six-hitch I was more than once termed an "American eccentric" by some city slickers met along the way. You have long marched to a different drummer and I see in you a lot of the qualities that epitomize the spirit of the Old West which have been long romanticized but are at the same time so very real.( A convoluted sentence this). I did not receive the picture. Yahoo seemed to hiccup and it said to try again and I did and your mail unloaded sans attachment. I am using the beta version since it is a near carbon copy of Mozilla's Thunderbird. I use Firefox instead of IE. I like to avoid the black hats out lurking in the net and run some decent security programs to keep them out of my computer. I tried to IM you late this afternoon but could not seem to connect properly. I do not IM much. I feel too rushed and there goes spelling and syntax and gadzooks, no spell check. I returned to Western Washington in '95 (no, not 1895) and so many times I have felt out of sync.


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