Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Winter Wonderland Perhaps, of Sorts; Maybe,eh?

Could not resist. Mr. Gates was giving something away and now I am posting this to give Microsoft's LiveWriter beta program a try. This is a 3rd party app designed to post on the blog of your choice. Blog it is simple enuff but why not explore. I took the photo a few days ago from my back porch. It makes me happy I'm not a horse. The corral fencing I just completed late fall looks good. Western WA has been undergoing the heaviest rain in recorded history so far which certainly crimps my ability to get much cowpoke stuff accomplished. My Nikon's not for underwater so I have put picture taking on hiatus. I bought a cover for the camera but see no real value in hoping to rescue my camera by baking it under low heat in the oven. This is the weather when I miss film. Surrounded by ponies and horses is the packers rig I used when hauling a small load of ponies to a birthday party. I could ramp up three critters into the bed of a '74 F250 and even had a teeny tiny tack room and feed station. It is named so since it enables a cowboy or packer to quickly transport livestock reasonable distances down the road. There are not many on the road anymore. I recently took in “Old Lions” on DVD with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. I yearn; yes I do yearn.
I yearn too much and as betas go I am disappointed but will try another some other time but will post this my tried and true way and thus not be blue.


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